La Gomera

The Island of LA GOMERA

La Gomera is an island with ancient forests, breathtaking viewpoints, charming spots, and unique culture of the Canary Islands. It is volcanic in origin and approximately circular. It measures 22 km (14 miles) in diameter.

It is steeply sloping, mountainous, and very mountainous. The highest point, Alto de Garajonay, rises to 1,487m (4,879 feet). It is shaped somewhat like an orange, with deep ravines and barrancos. 

Lush laurisilva and deep ravines with abrupt cliffs, magnificent rocks, valleys populated by leafy palm groves, and wild little beaches. These are the La Gomera landscapes.

Explore endless trails. There are more than 600 km of trails that allow us to explore the island on foot. This is the best way to see incredible spots like the Riachuelo de El Cedro in Garajonay National Park. Here, giant trees and ferns flourish in a lush, humid forest.

Parque Nacional De Garajonay

Garajonay Park - La Gomera - Canary Islands
Garajonay Park – La Gomera – Canary Islands

Parque Nacional de Garajonay La Gomera La Gomera rises from the Atlantic, so building roads around its coast is impossible. The Garajonay National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and protects the island’s top half. A dense laurel forest covers seventy percent (about the same as those covered Europe during the Tertiary Period).

“The Garajonay National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and protects the island’s top half”

These lush, green forests house many species of plants and animals unique to the island. The island’s springs and streams are fed by mists and clouds that hover over the summits. It is steep, and the paths that lead through the misty, moss-draped forests offer breathtaking views. Christopher Columbus built his ships in San Sebastian, the island capital.

“Christopher Columbus built his ships in San Sebastian, the island capital”

Garajonay Park Panoramic View - La Gomera - Canary Islands
Garajonay Park Panoramic View – La Gomera – Canary Islands

La Gomera is more than Garajonay. You will also find landscapes quite different from the lush forest on the island’s roads. Deep ravines that lead to the sea are a great example of this. Gomera farmers have meticulously cultivated the sides of these ravines. They create a stunning landscape of beautifully laid terraces. There is a wide variety of scenery, including leafy palm groves that cover much of the island’s terrain in green. 

This extensive network of trails allows us to enjoy nature and the rural atmosphere of the island by slowly walking around the charming hamlets. 

Because of its craggy terrain, many spots on La Gomera have become spectacular vantage points for breathtaking views. The amazing Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique couldn’t help but show his immense talent in Palmarejo, a viewpoint that overlooks the island. The Valle Gran Rey is a stunning image that combines terraces with Canary Island pines and hamlets to create a breathtaking view of Gomera’s rural landscape. The ocean intense blue makes it a beautiful place to be in harmony with nature and humans.

Playa Las Vueltas - La Gomera
Playa Las Vueltas – La Gomera

Imagine floating in thin air. The Abrante viewpoint allows you to experience this feeling. It is possible because the glass floor extends out above the precipice like a cantilever. You will feel as though you are floating in thin air.

The view from the Morro de Agando vantage points is a must, as it offers a panoramic view of natural spaces of incredible value. The Roque de Agando is the dominant feature of all this beauty. It stands at more than 1,200m high and has been shaped by erosion over many millions of years. 

Roque de Agando - La Gomera
Roque de Agando – La Gomera

“The Roque de Agando is the dominant feature of all this beauty. It stands at more than 1,200m high and has been shaped by erosion over many millions of years”

The monument to the ‘silbo Gomero’ whistling language is also found at the Igualero viewpoint. It offers spectacular views from the island’s highest peaks to the ocean. La Fortaleza is a large mass of rock with a flat roof and houses one of the most important archaeological sites in La Gomera.

Alto de Garajonay is the highest point on the island. From here, you can see the whole island, plus El Hierro, Tenerife, and La Palma. Gran Canaria can be seen in certain conditions.

The mountains are covered in a vast, intense green cover. It is a real spectacle for the senses, and its magic captures our attention. Also, the Cedro is located next to Garajonay National Park. Its houses, which are surrounded by primitive laurisilva, preserve traces of Canary Islands architecture.

Virtual Tour - Canary Islands
Virtual Tour – Canary Islands

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