The Island of LANZAROTE

Lanzarote, an island that is different from the rest, is known for its volcanoes and lava fields. It also has rocks with amazing shapes with black and red in colors. This contrasts well with the whitewashed houses and deep blue sea. The Canary Islands’ eastern most region features beautiful mountains, golden sand beaches, lush palm groves, and silence.

Lanzarote is the eastern most region of the Canary Islands, featuring beautiful mountains, golden sand beaches, lush palm groves, and silence”

There are many tourist resorts on this island that offer live entertainment and quiet little villages. In the charming inland villages, you will find boutique hotels, bungalows, and rural homes alongside the large hotels and resorts along the coast. A full range of top-quality hotels guarantees the best holiday experience in this extraordinary climate. This island is home to both professionals and amateurs in all sports.

Sendero La Geria, Lanzarote
Sendero La Geria, Lanzarote

Besides visiting the volcanic landscapes, we can also find perfect revitalization in Lanzarote, on its wonderful beaches, relaxing in the sunshine on white or golden sand, and cooling down in crystalline turquoise waters, many of the island’s beaches are ideal for families with small children since the beaches are protected from waves and currents, with natural pools that have formed in the shelter of lava flows that reached down as far as the sea after eruptions.

Bajo el risco de Famara - Lanzarote
Bajo el risco de Famara – Lanzarote

Timanfaya National Park – Active Volcano

On the island of Lanzarote, you can find the Timanfaya National Park. Lanzarote’s volcanic history is much older than Tenerife’s. The explosive volcanic eruptions that covered most of the island with molten lava and volcanic ash occurred between 1730 and 1736. 11 villages were buried by the seven-year eruption that drove people from the island, previously known as the Garden of the Canaries.

“The explosive volcanic eruptions that covered most of the island with molten lava and volcanic ash occurred between 1730 and 1736”

After the eruptions had stopped, farmers returned to their land and discovered new ways to cultivate the ash-covered areas. The UNESCO-listed Timanfaya National Park protects some of the most spectacular volcanic landscapes, including a still-active volcano.

It is a sight to behold: vast areas of unexplored terrain, covered in layers of solidified lava and cracked by more molten rock that moves beneath them. You can see the whole park by visiting Islote de Hilario at the summit of a volcanic cone. Here park rangers will demonstrate the extreme heat below your feet. Dry brush is thrown into depression and ignites. Water poured down a pipe explodes in a boiling geyser.

Parque Nacional de Timanfaya - Lanzarote
Parque Nacional de Timanfaya – Lanzarote

You can also find other volcanic wonders near the site, such as a collapsed volcano that formed a cove home to semi-precious stones, sea caves made by volcanic tubes, and red dunes of volcanic ash.

Lanzarote’s “Cueva De Los Verdes”

Cueva de Los Verdes. This seven-kilometer-long volcanic tube runs from La Coruna mountain to sea. It is one of the most visited things to do in Lanzarote. These tubes formed from lava flows that had cooled to the surface and then hardened beneath them. The hollow tube was formed when the subterranean lava flowed into the ocean.

You can explore the cave’s two-kilometer section in its original condition. The only things that have been modified are walkways and lights. The Jameo is a way to enter the caves. It’s a hole made by the collapse of a thin section of the lava tube’s roof. Some chambers can reach up to nine to twelve meters high. The walls are made from compounds like iron oxide and calcium carbonate. They can be red, orange, or black.

The biggest tourist town on Lanzarote is the lively Puerto del Carmen, surrounded by more than six kilometers of sandy beaches with calm waters. Although the old fishing village is now a popular tourist destination, many restaurants and hotels are still available.

Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen will delight those who visit during the first two weeks in August. The Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen, a religious festival that honors the patron saint in the fishing village, is decorated with colorful bunting. A traditional procession of decorated boats celebrates the occasion. The statue of the Virgen del Carmen is on one of the boats, and other fishing boats follow the parade in a twilight maritime parade.

“The Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen, a religious festival that honors the patron saint in the fishing village, is decorated with colorful bunting”

Virtual Tour - Canary Islands
Virtual Tour – Canary Islands

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